Fractional CTO

Fractional CTO Services give you the benefit of a full time strategic IT Partner without full time expense.

Does your business
pass the CTO test?

Is your network, software and server configuration properly documented?

Are your technology projects running efficiently, completing on schedule, and cost-effective?

Does your technology address your company's individual needs and priorities?

Do you have a service level agreement with your vendors for network, server and internet uptime?

Are you getting adequate explanation of technical issues?​

Are your service vendors giving you the service you’re expecting?

Are your systems secure to the level appropriate to your risk, vulnerability, and priorities?

Do you have a clear business continuity plan in the event of a major technical issue?

What would happen to your business if you should have a major system failure?

Fractional CTO Services deliver the impartial, objective technical view you need to manage your resources and achieve your business goals.

Millennium 3 can guide your ongoing technology projects, ,
guide your ongoing technology activities, specifications, plans, proposals, contracts and make valuable staff assessments.

We advise your management, and coach your employees and contractors to deliver based on your business priorities.

Strategic and tactical technology advice to insure that security and business continuity plans are in place and maintained.​

Review of technology proposals and service level agreements.

Objective optimization of your technology according to your business objectives.

Ongoing support plans include regular review of activities, progress and status, plus review and advice regarding new initiatives, plans, strategies and requests.

Emergency services and support on demand.


Your fractional CTO gains an understanding of your existing technology situation, and both your technical and general business objectives, so that a cohesive strategy and technical support tactical plan can be implemented over the long term.

Most Fractional CTO services are covered under a monthly retainer dependent upon the amount involvement necessary.  Additional services and special projects are billed by the day or hour.   Most of our clients estimate our fees to be 5-10% the cost of a full-time technology strategy executive.

We initially work with your management and participate at routine meetings to understand both your technical and general business plans so that we can offer advice and strategies where technology can advance and benefit those plans.

As often as necessary.  We participate in appropriate meetings, review documents, reports  and statistics, and monitor systems on a regular basis.

We review their procedures and processes, as well as their training and skills.  Additionally, we review contact reports to identify systemic problems.  We can not be their direct supervisor with respect to attendance, personal interactions, etc, but will assist with personnel reviews, training recommendations, hiring, etc.

We review their proposals for projects (cabling, installations, etc), results of projects, documentation, processes, procedures, and performance. Additionally we review or help develop service level agreements to insure that networks, servers, and other technology are maintained appropriately.

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