Product Foundry

We forge concepts
into market ready

Using ideas proposed and specified by experts in our Discovery Workshops, the Product Foundry prototypes and researches product potential, and secures financial and strategic partners to bring high value solutions to fruition. 


We help you find innovative technology based solutions and bring them to reality in your business.


We work with industry experts to identify modern solutions to pressing problems and put them to work.


We apply the latest hardware and software technology to your ideas and help you bring them to market.


Opportunities to participate in exciting new technologies that make sense for you in a creative, prudent manner.


Mechanical engineering, electrical engineerings, IoT, AI, edge computing, advanced sensors, modern radio technology, solar and battery power.

Everything.  We create mechanical, electrical, electronic, hardware, software, and manual solutions.  We have expertise in sensors, edge computing, power systems (solar, battery, etc), radio, internet, hydraulics, data analysis, data representation, user interface and many, more other areas.

Our design engineers relish finding great solutions to complex problems.

We bring a wide and deep approach to realizing your idea.  Our people see your product from many angles and contexts.  We can help to expand the applicability, the marketability, and the utility.  We provide professional product design from physical appearance and usability perspectives, to the quality of construction and planning for future enhancements.

Generally, the Product Foundry builds in partnership with our clients.  We work together to realize the product both intellectually and financially.  We create limited partnerships around viable products to bring additional resources (technical, marketing, financial, etc) to realize a product in the market.

Investment Opportunities

We have investor-ready products and projects in our pipeline for a variety of industries and markets.  


Mechanical engineering, electrical engineerings, IoT, AI, edge computing, advanced sensors, modern radio technology, solar and battery power.

The Product Foundry is the general partner.

An investor in the general partner participates in the successes and failures of all projects.  The investors in limited partnerships participate in the destiny of the specific product in to which they have chosen to invest.


As the general partner validates products they are offered as limited partnership investments for further development, productization, and to move them into the market.

General partnership investments have a minimum of $100,000.  Investments in limited partnerships vary depending on the product. Generally, most limited partners will need to invest a minimum of $10,000.

Some of our limited partnerships offer ‘in kind’ investments to investors who can add value, such as engineering, manufacturing, marketing or sales, to the product.

Yes.  That is the definition of a limited partner.

Of the projects the general partner takes on, some will succeed and others will not make it to the limited partnership phase.  The investor in the general partner is exposed to those successful and failed products.  

Limited Partners are exposed only to the risk of the product(s) into which they subscribe. 

Monetization of products can occur in a number of ways.  The simplest is to license the product to a company in the field who takes total responsibility.  

Some products may be marketed directly by the Product Foundry limited partnership, typically with a marketing partner participating in the partnership.  

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